Welcome to Banmonmakok

At Banmonmakok, a small lodging in the central of Pa Sang district, along the merit path of Lamphun province, just come and feel the touch of surrounding nature in the midst of mountains and the exotic view of Pra That Si Kruba at the entrance of Wat Phra Phutta Baat Tak Pha, an ancient temple of long legend as once a visiting and residing place of Buddha traced by Buddha’s footprint and hanged robe (the only one in Thailand).
Banmonmakok now opens for service (December 2558).
For reservation, please call 090-953-2532.



With our 10 small furnished houses (2-3 persons/house) and a canteen at Banmonmakok, you can fully enjoy a whole lot of exercising activities such as bicycle riding, hiking, and jogging along the mountain. We have bicycles to facilitate you and ready for your service, or you can drive in your own car for beautiful scenery and sightseeing.

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