The slogan of Pa Sang district :
Charming Phra Phutta Baat … Weaving Handicrafts … Beautiful Traditions … Best Quality Onions & Garlics … Superb Longans … Big Ethnic Tribe “Tai Yong” … Golden Land “Haripoonchai”

With our 10 small furnished houses (2-3 persons/house) and a canteen at Banmonmakok, you can fully enjoy a whole lot of exercising activities such as bicycle riding, hiking, and jogging along the mountain. We have bicycles to facilitate you and ready for your service, or you can drive in your own car for beautiful scenery and sightseeing. For those who wish to meditate, Banmonmakok is a right and perfect place for your peaceful meditation, following the Buddha’s footprint towards more self-merits as saying in the Tripitaka that “… The real meaning of Buddha’s footprint through the next generation is like a course of artifice to inspire us for making merits just as our Buddha or the teachings of our teachers that set forth for us to follow and practice …”

About Lamphun province

Lamphun is a province of prosperous cultures and Buddhism. According to the legend, Lamphun was once the capital of Lanna Kingdom in the ancient time of about 1,344 years ago, with many old-time pagodas, temples, and other historic sites. Also, Lamphun is well known for beautiful nature, luring ancient remains, and handicrafts especially the “Lamphun silk” weaving. Besides, Lamphun is a passage way to Chiang Mai province. At Lamphun province, you can enjoy a “Slow Life” of peaceful lifestyles among touristic sites of both ecotourism and cultural tourism …

History of Lamphun province

Lamphun province used to be called the city of Haripoonchai. It is an ancient city of approximately 1,343 years. According to the legend of Yonok, Haripoonchai was built by a hermit called Wasuthep. Wasuthep asked sons of the Mengkha or the Mons to build this city in an area between the two rivers namely Kuang and Ping. Once the city was built, Wasuthep sent an emissary to invite the daughter of a Lawo king called ‘Chammadevi’ to become the first monarch of Haripoonchai. Her dynasty ruled Haripoonchai for several generations until the reign of Phraya Yiba in which the power was transferred to King Meng Rai the Great who united the northern kingdoms into Lanna Kingdom. Even though Lamphun was under the rule of Lanna, the city provided knowledge and heritage of arts and culture to the new rulers as can be seen in the city of Koomkam, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. Hence Lamphun was still regarded as an important city for arts and culture of Lanna Kingdom until the reign of King Taksin Maharaj of Thonburi. Under the reign of King Taksin, Lamphun was annexed into the Thai kingdom yet retained its own rulers until the Ratanakosin period. After the revolution in 1932, after the last ruler of Lamphun, Major General Chao Chak Kham Kachornsak, passed away, Lamphun has become a province with a governor from the centre until today.