Beautiful touristic sites in Li district, Lamphun province

Relaxing places to celebrate New Year Day, with many temples of Buddhism’s arts and lovely nature more

  Wat Pra That Haripoonchai (for those born in the year of the cock)

Built in 17 B.E. during the reign of King Arthitayarat (Chamathevi Dynasty) and used to be the royal residence more

  Tour by train to Lamphun

The 2nd class train station in Lamphun province at 729 k.m. from Bangkok, over 20 k.m. from Chiang Mai train station, and 2.5 k.m. from an ancient city of Lamphun, with two main connection roads : San Pa Yang road and Charoen Ta road more

  Doi Chang

So called “The Roof of Lamphun”, at Ban Hong district, Lamphun province more

  Wat Phra Phutta Baat Tak Pha

From superhighway road to the city, then bypassing into Pa Sang district more

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